Album: An unbiblical Paradigm (2023)

Death in Progress (ft Sven Van Caluwé from Aborted)

The Glutton

The grand mouth of hell

Devourer of memories

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"Dit is on-Europees goed. Dit voldoet aan alle maatstaven van de betere kwaliteitsdeathcore. Luisteren die handel!"

"When Plagues Collide perfectly knows how to mix majestic orchestrations with its massive riffs to create overpowering waves. An Unbiblical Paradigm unashamedly ranks alongside the latest releases from Deathcore’s big names."

"The new deathcore alliance is born, and their leader is When Plagues Collide. They return with a second album that is both devastating and brutal with some excellent drum work, insane vocal work and brutal riffs, breakdowns included."

"An Unbiblical Paradigm is on par with last year’s releases from Bonecarver, Synestia, Hanging the Hihilist, Downfall of Mankind and Shadow of Intent and by far the best blackened /symphonic deathcore record of 2023….so far."

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